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Point-to-Point Ethernet

Point-to-Point to Scale Connectivity 

High Performance 

Comprehensive Web-Based Reporting


Superior reliability and delivery

Businesses today require a dedicated solution that caters to the demands of mission-critical data. Delivered over INTTN and partner robust MPLS Network backbone, Business e-Line ensures the efficient carriage of your bandwidth-heavy business traffic.

INTTN Business e-Line is available in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations, providing unprecedented connectivity to your geographically dispersed sites.

Unprecedented data transfer – ideal for SAN replication and WAN backup, our solutions will cater to any of your traffic requirements.

Adaptable features – comprehensive and reliable, features include multicast capability, scalable speeds and jumbo frames.

Superior class of service – our solutions incorporate a robust Class of Service that guarantees the delivery of your mission critical traffic.

INTTN Mid-Band Ethernet – robust and dedicated

INTTN Business e-Line ensures a powerful and comprehensive solution that allows you to shift large amounts of data quickly and easily.


MPLS Backbone

Adaptable Features

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