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End-to-end IT solution for your organisation

At INTTN, we work with you to create a customised IT solution that is best suited to the way your business operates. We offer a wide range of services and products including:

  • Managed IT and embedded services — A fully customisable outsourced IT solution handled by our team of experienced IT consultants who monitor and maintain your IT systems, and ensure they are supported, up-to-date, and performing optimally at all times.

  • Project management and professional IT services – A network of  experienced project managers who can assist you with the planning, implementation and management of your IT strategies, with the goal of driving innovation and maximising your return on IT investment.

  • IT support and consultancy – Tailored IT support from a qualified team of engineers and technicians to assist with personalised system maintenance, performance optimisation, IT troubleshooting and other IT challenges – with the aim of helping you reach your organisational IT goals as soon as possible.

IT Support

Tailored IT support and hands on technology know-how

Most businesses rely on IT systems for the operations of their business, however in many circumstances having in-house IT personnel to operate and maintain these systems is not an affordable option. That’s where we come in. At INTTN, we appreciate the importance of a business focusing on achieving its goals without the burden and hassle of trying to resolve IT issues as they arise. Accessing IT support from INTTN allows you to offload complicated and time consuming IT tasks so you can refocus on your business priorities.​

Cloud & Unified Communications

A suite of Collaboration and Unified Communication tools to revolutionise the way your organisation connects with itself.

INTTN’s suite of collaboration and unified communication tools will revolutionise the way your organisation connects within itself and with the outside world. Our cloud collaboration suite will enhance the connection and communication of employees across your whole organisation with a combination of:

  • Voice – communicate with advanced voice services based on VoIP including video calling and conference capabilities.

  • Voicemail – deliver voicemail and messaging the way you prefer; from an IP, mobile phone or remote desktop client.

  • Instant messaging and presence – communicate through an IM session, place a phone call or begin a video/web conference call from wherever you are.

  • Mobility – move calls between desktop and mobile devices whilst maintaining the ability to redirect incoming IP calls.

  • Web conferencing – meet to manage projects over the web in real time from anywhere and on any device.

With a wide range of unified communication and collaboration solutions, INTTN can find the right fit for your organisation to integrate and connect your entire team.

Business Telecommunications

Boost Telecommunication Performance and Save on Your Organisation Annual Budget

Whether you’re looking for a phone line, mobile service or a unique 1300 service for your business, our team can integrate all of your telecommunications needs into a single seamless experience. The business telecommunications services offered by INTTN include:

  • NBN services – these include voice only NBN plans and bundled NBN Internet and phone plans (50GB + phone, 100GB + phone, 250GB + phone, 500GB + phone or 1TB + phone).

  • Phone lines – Competitive rates for Fixed Voice services, including PSTN, ISDN and ISDN 10/20/30 lines, tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements with easy scalability to meet your changing business needs.

  • Inbound lines – Promote your business with dedicated 13, 1300, 1800 and smart numbers, with the ability to track and trace your inbound business call volumes and improve your service operational efficiency.

  • Mobile phones – Business mobile phone plans tailored to your organisational needs, including BYO mobile plans and mobile 3G/4G plans.

Cloud Services

Take your organisation’s operations up to the cloud; a hosted environment, where INTTN Cloud Computing removes the need to purchase and maintain expensive in house server infrastructure and applications.

Take your organisation’s operations up to the Cloud, a hosted environment where INTTN’s Cloud Computing removes the need to purchase and maintain expensive in-house server infrastructure and applications. Our Hosted Cloud Technology services include:

  • Virtual server – Our hosted cloud technology provides your business with dedicated enterprise-grade hosted server resources and applications, ensuring you avoid the capital cost of expensive on-site hardware, software licensing, setup expenses and ongoing maintenance.

  • Offsite data backup – A simple, cost-effective and automated online service that securely encrypts and transfers your critical data to our network of National Data Centres. This protects it from data loss whether from human error, viruses, or theft sabotage, corruption, fire or natural disasters.

  • Email anti-spam – We use high performance, web-based security applications and monitoring practices to filter incoming email before it enters your business network. This protects your mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and other emerging email-based threats.

Business Internet Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a small business internet connection or advanced multi-site network, our team will help you implement and manage an effective Internet Connectivity Solution.

Whether you’re looking for a small business Internet connection or an advanced multi-site network, the team at INTTN can help you implement and manage an effective Internet Connectivity Solution. Our range of business Internet solutions includes:

  • Fibre – A symmetric Internet connectivity service for organisations with critical and demanding network requirements, which can be configured to support and optimise key organisational services and applications.

  • Midband Ethernet – A cost effective, high speed, symmetric Internet service for businesses with demanding network connectivity requirements who have outgrown ADSL2+. It is ideal for organisations with private networking, multiple locations, file and application sharing, Intranets and IP telephony, remote desktop services and video and audio streaming.

  • ADSL2 – An Internet network connectivity option for organisations across regional and metropolitan Australia which provides reliable connectivity, particularly for those in remote and regional locations.

Business Hardware & Software

From workstations to complex data centre environments, our team of professionals will help you design, implement and maintain technology solutions suited for your organisation.

From workstations to complex data centre environments, INTTN's team of professionals can help you design, implement and maintain technology solutions ideally suited for your organisation. Our wide range of hardware and software services includes:

  • Desktops, laptops & tablets – we can provide you with leading products from Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft among other partners.

  • Server & storage – the industry’s leading server and storage solutions from Dell, HP, IBM and EMC.

  • Network & security – security solutions built using Cisco’s proven enterprise-grade network routers, switches, access points and security devices.

  • Virtualisation – leading virtualisation solutions from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

  • Software licensing – our team can help you assess, select and manage your business software licenses and conduct software audits and compatibility assessments where we can assist with upgrades and deployment.

  • Printing & scanning – printing and imaging equipment that is environmentally friendly, fast, and fit for the job.


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