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INTTN Training

Our training believes that the Telecommunications, Associated Industries and Customer Service areas really are different. As a result they need a different approach to training. With this in mind we set out to create specific training courses designed with these ‘special differences’ in mind. The result of more than 5 years of development, practice and feedback is INTTN Training.

Our trainings compile all of our experience combined with content tailored to your organization. We design custom courses that are interactive, hands-on learning experiences that can be designed as a stand-alone course or a larger transformation program. All our courses are geared towards direct business impact and are relevant for a broad spectrum of industries: executives, product managers, marketing, leadership, new business developers, trainees, etc.



  • Analysis

  • Convert Leads

  • Attract Traffic 

  • Reach Expansion

Customer Service

Cultural Competency

  • FPIC 

  • Decision Making

  • Growth

  • People Development 

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