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Multipoint Layer 2 Connectivity

Secure, Scalable and Cost Effective

Easily Interact and Share Information  

Bandwidths Up To 10Gbps


Powerful connectivity at your control

The ability to sustain productivity and efficiency throughout your business is at your control. INTTN Business e-LAN enables you to comprehensively manage connectivity over your network, enabling geographically dispersed locations to easily interact and share mission critical data.

Business e-LAN allows you to configure your network to ensure optimum engagement and productivity.

Safe and scalable – manage and configure your own VPN through scalable and secure multipoint connectivity.

Adaptable features – comprehensive and reliable, features include multicast capability, scalable speeds and a wide range of access types.

Comprehensive QoS capability – with a number of QoS packages to choose from, you can also effortlessly prioritise how specific types of traffic are run across your network.

Robust and dedicated

Business e-LAN gives you complete autonomy over your network, allowing you to personalise a solution that delivers extreme performance.


High Performance 

Insight Reporting

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