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Fast and Flexible Fibre Connections

Extensive National Coverage

Tailored Bandwidth for Business

Leverage Cost-Effective Ethernet Up To 10Gbps


Support your mission-critical applications

A powerful business internet service is crucial for maintaining your business efficiency and best practice.

INTTN IP-Line is a dedicated internet connection that delivers optimal performance, superior availability and access via carrier grade infrastructure as well as a variety of third-party suppliers including NBNCo.

High quality – enjoy superior reliability and connection speeds up to 10Gbps.

Flexible and competitive – choose from a range of usage-based, prepaid, standalone prepaid, flat rate and 95th percentile (as below) to support variable internet usage requirements.

'Burstability' – our 95th Percentile initiative provides an internet plan that allows our customers to aggregate IP usage across their sites and cost effectively ‘burst’ to the full Ethernet access speed.

INTTN IP-Line – comprehensive business internet

Powerful internet connection from a powerful service provider – INTTN IP-Line.


Wide Coverage

High Performance 

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