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wavelength services

Speeds Of Up To 100Gbps

Cutting Edge OTN Technology 

Flexible Design Options for Resilience 

Low Latency and Virtually No Jitter

INTTN Wavelength Services 



Quickly move large volumes of data between sites with INTTN Wavelength Services. This carrier-grade offering is based on state-of-the-art Optical Transport Network technology - known to INTTN as our Super Highway - and leverages best-of-breed infrastructure. Providing secure point-to-point transmission links of up to 100Gbps,


Wavelength Services are perfect for critical and latency sensitive applications such as disaster recovery, real time video, storage area networking, data centre connectivity and high-frequency trading.

INTTN offers 2 Wavelength Service solutions:

1. DCWave - Supports connectivity between 2 sites that are located in any of TPG's strategically positioned network Points of Presence (PoPs).

2. OfficeWave - Supports connectivity between 2 sites when at least 1 of the sites is located at a customer premise. This solution leverages INTTN and partners national fibre network to extend service availability to virtually any location.

Wide Coverage

High Performance 

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