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Hybrid Cloud

INTTN recognises that businesses increasingly apply a multi-cloud environment to ensure all workloads are treated appropriately and cost-effectively.

Hybrid Cloud

Dynamic or highly variable workloads can really benefit from hybrid cloud. For instance, eCommerce sites which experience significant spikes in demand at certain points in the year could run on private cloud but use cloud bursting to the public cloud when demand soars. This is far more cost-effective than having infrastructure designed to always accommodate peak requirements. If this sounds like your business, you may be a particularly good candidate for hybrid cloud.

INTTN’ network and cloud eco system allows seamless integration of on premise, co-location, private cloud and hyperscale public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google.

We're experienced and able at integrating any and all computing platforms, creating solutions with exactly the qualities you require.

Our team of experts know your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure inside out and are committed to taking responsibility for all issues.

Every inch of our infrastructure is built to fall in line with ISO 20000, 270001 and 9001 requirements ensuring total data integrity.

Our fully redundant core fibre network and variety of access options provides secure, high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between all your cloud components, both on and off-premise.

We have the capacity to meet even the most rapidly growing of needs for every type of resource, while reliability is built into our systems from outset.

With our resilient, geo-diverse infrastructure and product stack built upon high availability technologies, downtime need never be an issue.

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