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Secure, strong, private network


If you need to connect three or more offices, or enable multiple home or field workers to access your systems via our Secure Remote Access capability, IPVPN is your answer. Bring voice, data and video together on a single network. No matter where your staff are located, they’ll be able to access resources as if they were in the same office.

An acronym for Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network, IPVPN is separated from the public internet, travelling via a private connection to each remote site. IPVPN also provides a high level of flexibility. You’ll be able to connect your sites in a whole host of ways, including: Ethernet, NBN, 4G and more. And we’ll work with you to configure it in exactly the way you want.

Our IPVPN service integrates with the NBN and all key Tier 1 providers in Australia offering the right fit for head office, branch office and remote worker connectivity.

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