We help public and private sector organisations understand their most important value drivers and achieve tangible, lasting performance improvements.


Advising and delivering on projects – project development and delivery support related to technology and telecom projects and support for developing partnerships and JV's.


Meeting facilitation comes in all shapes and sizes. We have the right service for you. Our approaches for Team Building, Meetings Transformation, Focus Groups, Board & Conference Facilitation, Community Engagement, Issue Resolution, and more can be tailored and suited to your requirements.

Training & Development

The delivery of training services is fundamental to INTTN and its desire to create workforces for the future. Your complete resource for training and development companies, industries, products, services, and technologies for IT, Sales, Leadership, Medical, Professional and Workforce Development.

Partnership Broker

Partnership brokering is the term we use for the process of supporting and strengthening partnerships through innovative and skilled management of collaborative processes.

Joint Ventures

INTTN and our consulting team partners with social purpose organisations, philanthropists, governments and business to support them with social impact strategy, outcome management and evaluation, program design and implementation. Achieving the win-win factor.

Job Creation

INTTN strategic purpose is to deliver leading Technology & Telecom products, industry tools, business intelligence, and training and education in a way that drives commercial success between our partners and organisations at all transaction levels to generate measurable growth for all of our partners including Job Creation for Australian people.


Our research focuses on the biggest challenges facing the nation and in addition specialise in research relating to Indigenous Australia.  Contact Us today to learn more about our research program.



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