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national aws connect

Wide Coverage Private Connectivity 

Dedicated Connection 

Simple Fixed Costs

Services Available Up To 10Gbps

INTTN Nationl AWS Connect

National Connect


INTTN and partner National AWS Connect establishes a dedicated private network connection from your data centre, office or co-location environment to Amazon's new Australia Web Services Infrastructure, and is designed to extend Amazon's Direct Connect (tm) product to anywhere in Australia.

Built on national tier 1 infrastructure - providing one of Australia’s most extensive and highest-quality IP networks, the benefits of dedicated network connection to AWS are:

  • National private connectivity to Amazon Web Services

  • Massively scalable connectivity options (100Mbps -> 10Gbps)

  • A more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections

  • Reduces the overall network costs associated with AWS

  • Provides full support for AWS Direct Connect virtual interfaces

Consistent Performance


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