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FIBRE1000+ isdn/sip

1Gbps Business Broadband

Unlimited Internet 


36 Months   |   +$79.90 GST   |   Min Charge  $33,435

Min charge includes $1099 Fibre1000 Setup + $1099 ISDN Setup (if applicable). +PAYG Calls extra. INTTN on-net buildings with prequalified address only. Offer not available to existing Fibre400, Fibre1000, ISDN or SIP customers. For full T&Cs please contact INTTN.

ISDN30/SIP30 - Fibre1000

Connect with confidence

Establishing maximum accessibility is a crucial factor in maintaining customer retention and brand loyalty.

Routed directly into the INTTN network, ISDN/SIP provides your business with a powerful end-to-end telephony service.

Utilise an array of flexible ISDN/SIP features to ensure that your telephony system is working to full potential.

Flexible – with 10, 20 and 30 channels to choose from, you can use multiple lines to ensure accessibility.

Cost-effective – select from a number of competitive call rates and pricing plans.

Portability – migrate your existing numbers to your new INTTN setup.

End-to-end business phone service

With ISDN/SIP you will gain premium efficiency from your telephony setup by partnering with a provider that runs its own comprehensive network.


Engineered Solutions

Cost Savings

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