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$0 Upfront Cost

All products and services ordered with INTTN that include telecom and hardware combined in one order for SME's and Residential properties incur $0 Upfront Costs on 3 year terms.

24/7 Support

Local Indigenous Australian support and helpdesk staff

Calls answered by qualified technical and cultural competent experts

24/7 availability

Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce

INTTN as an Aboriginal owned entity we are registered with each respective State and Territory Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce.

Aboriginal Owned & Certified

INTTN is private Aboriginal Owned Company based in Australia. Certified by Supply Nation and other State/Territory Aboriginal Chambers of Commerce.

Access & Inclusion

The conversation starter often begins with the topic of Access and Inclusion for many - where to start?

Accreditations & Certifications

INTTN holds over company and people hold over 350+ certifications and accreditations giving our stakeholders a high level of confidence in the goods and services we deliver.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports form part of our suite of publications we release regularly to share in a transparent manner our performance measured against our corporate plan.

Applying for INTTN Consumables

Applying for INTTN Consumables Corporate Account is simple, fast and easy!

Applying for INTTN Telecom

Unlock easy to access benefits in possessing a Corporate Purchase Account with INTTN. Streamline your purchasing and save hours on admin and money when procuring product orders with INTTN.


All of our goods and services are delivered nationally. Our capability stretches across the nation and we serve every one.