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Private Cloud

Install your application servers on a completely customised Private Cloud platform from INTTN and get the exact combination of power, scalability and security that you need

Private Cloud

Every Private Cloud we deploy is completely customised to its user. From the number of hosts to the access policies, you control absolutely everything.

100% isolated from outside disturbances - in compute, storage and networking. Predictable performance, always, means you can focus on bigger things.

Every inch of our infrastructure is built to fall in line with ISO 20000, 270001 and 9001 requirements ensuring total data integrity.

Ultrafast SSD, scalable SAN, infinite tape. Whatever the profile of your data storage needs, we can provide a tiered solution that offers the right balance of speed and cost.

Our approach to support is what sets us apart. Our team of experts know your infrastructure inside out and are committed to taking responsibility for all issues.

Private Cloud economics beat those of Public Cloud in a wide range of situations. Housed within our core network, private connectivity into CommsChannel’s private cloud eliminates any data charges often associated with public cloud providers.

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