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Applying for INTTN Corporate Account

Unlock easy to access benefits in possessing a Corporate Purchase Account with INTTN. Streamline your purchasing and save hours on admin and money when procuring product orders with INTTN.

Applying for INTTN Corporate Account

• Create dedicated virtual and one place for managing your orders and stock with INTTN
Give power back to your team to manage expenses without creating further overhead. Say goodbye to needing extra staff to keep track of ordering and maintaining stock of tech and telecom orders, with INTTN its all managed in one place

• Stay in control of organisation and department budgets
With your own organisation login, you can track spend to monthly and annual limits so you stay ahead of your budget.

• Save on fees and expenses
Unlock 0% transaction fees. Better yet, pay nothing in extra fees in any shape or form where bulk orders are concerning including postage and shipping.

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