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Become Community Distributor

INTTN has built a trusted, ethical and valuable distribution network that is 100% Aboriginal coordinated and facilitated. We are always on the outlook for community distributors to link-up with INTTN and interface with communities in boosting access, inclusion and interaction with technologies and telecom goods and services.

Become Community Distributor

Become a Distributor

INTTN is always on lookout for business partners with experience, determination and strong business ethics. Following are a list of attributes that need to be assessed when considering a organisation for distributing INTTN products.

The organisation must…

• Be in a sound financial position;
• Be in a current industry that will expose them to our product markets, and complementing their own products and services. This may include organisations involved with any of the following…
• Providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services
• Providing a Community Focused Service or Project;
• Promoting Aboriginal Inclusion, Access and/or Affordability in a Specific Industry or Area;
• Committed to enhancing Knowledge and Understanding of Technology & Telecom in your local community;
• Considering diversifying revenue generating opportunities that will further give back investment to your local community;

• Willing to be trained in product and market knowledge. This training could occur in both local area or online, if deemed necessary;
• Be willing to enter an Agency Agreement, which aims to protect and enhance the business relationship. This may be finalised after an agreed interim period;

It is an advantage if the company has knowledge or desire to learn tech and telecom procedures, regulations and relevant tariffs. It is preferable that they have current facilities or a willingness to consider in the future, local assembly of the product, firstly Mobile devices, then installations and maintenance of tech and telecom products.

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