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Consumables Purchase Options

Purchase Options with INTTN are designed and available to ensure anyone and everyone gets access; can afford what they are looking for; and develop their ability to utilise technologies and telecom.

Consumables Purchase Options

The options available include:

1. Upfront purchase - This means you pay the full amount of a goods or service upfront and receive your purchase with nothing else to pay.

2. Finance purchase - This means you apply for a finance loan, once approved you than receive the goods or service and agree to terms and conditions with the party you have received the finance from to receive your goods or service.

3. Rental purchase - This option is available upon assessment and approval which means you can apply for the goods or services you seek and based on a rental agreement you pay a regular set fee on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

4. Centrelink - Available for eligible customers this options can be arranged with your local centrelink office whereby you can receive your goods or service and make incremental payment direct from your centrelink payments. This option is available to low income earners and designed to make access and affordability to technologies and telecom easier and smarter for you.

Please contact out friendly staff who can assist you with finding the right option for you and your family.

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