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Digital Transformation Strategy 2018-2025

The DTA is responsible for strategic and policy leadership on Whole-of-Government and shared information and communications technology (ICT) investments and digital service delivery.

Digital Transformation Strategy 2018-2025

By 2025, Australia will be one of the top three digital
governments in the world for the benefit of all Australians.

INTTN works to ensure Indigenous Australians are aware, informed and can play an active role with Strategies like this one for Australia.

Three strategic priorities that provide focused areas of development to help make Government easier to deal with:

• Intuitive and convenient services

• Integrated services supporting your needs and life events

• Digital identity for easy and secure access

Government that's informed by you:

• Smart services that adapt to the data you choose to share

• Greater insights for better services

• Trust and transparency

Government that’s fit for the digital age:

• Expanding digital capability
• Developing modern infrastructure
• Providing accountability

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