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Remote Indigenous Telecom & Connectivity Solutions

INTTN is deeply concerned about the inadequacy of existing programs supporting improved communications infrastructure in remote Indigenous communities (RICs). These communities are among the most disadvantaged and digitally disengaged in the country.

Remote Indigenous Telecom & Connectivity Solutions

The pre-existing digital divide has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdown.

While there has been an accelerated take up of digital services such as videoconferencing, remote server access, and telehealth for those with access and skills, communities that are disconnected are at a much greater disadvantage at this time.
Very few remote Indigenous people have the option of home schooling, working from home, or accessing basic services online.

Most RICs have restricted all non-essential movement due to the high risks associated with COVID infection, increasing the need for remote access to services, including health, education, Centrelink, MyGov, justice, banking and so on. However, with an estimated 30% of remote and very remote Indigenous people without household access to telephony or internet, and many Shire/Council offices, schools and other service centres closed, some essential services have not been available to many remote Indigenous people.

INTTN acknowledges that exploring solutions can be complex and overwhelming process and we are here to help. The poor stats and story of the digital gap in Australia is real and INTTN is committed to assist and support positive change in this area contact us today and lets discuss how we can help.

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