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Telecom Products

We buy from Australia's leading carriers and deliver products to our customers in a ethical and culturally competent way.

Telecom Products

Businesses and consumers alike have come to expect much more from their telco these days and when people demanded an Aboriginal owned telco with a commitment to give back more return on investment back to communities we listened and acted. After all, technology is every-where and an Aboriginal owned telco has the power to genuinely improve how businesses and individuals communicate and connect to one another.

INTTN has an extensive range of products and services to delight our customers. Via our partnerships with all of Australia's leading carriers, our customers will also benefit from a choice of networks on many of our products enabling us offer products and services that best meets our valued customers needs and requirements, including:

• Mobile Services

The trusty mobile continues to be as important as ever and accessing mobile services has never been easier. We supply a whole range of competitive mobile and mobile broadband plans with seamless provisioning and no lock-in contracts. All delivered on part of Australia’s 4G and 3G mobile network to give our customers the coverage they expect. Full SIM card fulfillment option exists to deliver your customers a customised welcome pack along with their SIM and activated instantly. We offer a range of mobile devices phones, iPads, tablets and accessories and furthermore we make them affordable.

• Cloud PBX & SIP

Our Cloud PBX solution to deliver world class communications to our customers. Cloud PBX’s truly do give immediate improvements to businesses in how it communicates and can markedly increase productivity. Our cloud PBX has been purpose built for our customers and delivers an outstanding user interface with drag and drop functionality for easy setup and management.

• NBN™. Internet & Data

Fast. Reliable. Home, Office and Enterprise Grade.
These are words we all want to hear when it comes to the internet or data services we are providing to our customers. INTTN has been supplying connectivity services in one form or another right through the journey since 2003 when dial-sup connection was popular we provided education services to Aboriginal and disadvantaged communities.
We offer our customers the very best connectivity products and services such as NBN, ethernet and data networks. Our customers are not tied to the products and services of one carrier so we can pick and choose what’s right for our customers, whether it’s from NBN, Telstra, Optus, AAPT/TPG or Vocus.

• Fixed Line Services

Although the world is transitioning away from it, fixed voice still has a small part to play for a few years yet.
INTTN made its name in fixed voice assisting and supporting disadvantaged groups and communities get access to connectivity. For those of our customers still needing fixed voice solutions INTTN can provide the complete range of PSTN, ISDN, Multi Line and Inbound services.

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