INTTN offers a range of specialised services to industry and major infrastructure asset owners and contractors.

Leveraging our core capability in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, we offer a range of specialist services to industry and major infrastructure asset owners and contractors within the  medium and large process, tunnel, bridge, rail and light-rail infrastructure, resources and mining, road and transport infrastructure, ICT and telecommunications market sectors.

Civil Capabilities

  • Concrete structure construction

  • Horizontal directional drilling

  • Major excavations

  • Micro-tunnelling

  • Pipe bursting and cracking

  • Trench protection and shoring.

Specialist Services

  • 24/7 emergency response and control centres

  • Concept and FEED design

  • Corrosion protection design installation

  • Electrical and instrumentation services

  • Logistics management

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance

  • Power supply design and installation

  • Project development and approvals

  • Project feasibility assessment

  • Rigging services

  • SCADA design and installation

  • Testing and commissioning

ICT & Telecommunication Services

We have the skills and resources to offer the telco sector:

  • Infrastructure design, construction, installation, testing and commissioning, and maintenance

  • Communications infrastructure design and route selection

  • Internal and external architecture, underground and overhead

  • Design of pit and pipe infrastructure

  • Civil works to prepare the site including remediation of existing infrastructure

  • Civil infrastructure at the street level. This includes multiple conduit banks, cast in situ as well as precast pits. We specialise in low impact pit and pipe systems, internal building work, open cut and directional drilling


  • Installation of conduits, including:

    • Distribution and local network conduits

    • Lateral conduits

    • Conduit bends and joints

    • Conduit testing and sealing


  • Fibre optic cable installations:

    • Underground

    • Overhead stringing

    • Testing, commissioning and hand over


  • Connection to end users (often in conjunction with an installation specialist.)

  • Optical fibre and copper solutions

  • Specialist skills in long-haul optical fibre characterisation (IL, OTDR traces, PMD and CD)

  • Turnkey telco carrier solutions

  • Asset management and servicing

  • 24/7 operations

  • Integrated capital works. 

These solutions help our clients reduce project costs, realise their project vision and objectives, and deliver responsible and sustainable outcomes for better communities and infrastructure.

We appreciate that given the ongoing advancements in technology, the need to be innovative is as important as ever.


We encourage our surveyors to explore different approaches and harness new technologies and software solutions while maintaining a strong focus on providing a fit for purpose product to our end client.



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