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INTTN Driving Indigenous Digital Inclusion, Access, Affordability, Digital Ability and Indigenous

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Indigenous Digital Inclusion Data in Australia

Today, Indigenous Australians are more connected than they have ever been before. This is thanks to the increased availability of internet access and mobile broadband networks in Indigenous communities. INTTN (Indigenous News Network) has been working hard to make sure that Indigenous Australians can take advantage of these opportunities by driving Indigenous digital inclusion, affordability, ability, and data. In this post, we will be discussing what some recent data on Indigenous Australians tell us about Digital Inclusion, Access & Affordability as well as Digital Ability.

Digital Inclusion

Accessibility to a digital interface for everyone, regardless of handicap, is the ambitious objective of digital inclusion. All people and groups, particularly the most disadvantaged, must have access to and utilize Communication and Information Technologies. Digital inclusion goes beyond just fulfilling a legal obligation. It's a sign of a company that values its clients when it does this.

Access & Affordability

A platform's accessibility services are integrated with the platform's accessibility technology, which is known as Access Technology. This generates a synthetic focus layer on the top of the UI, which is useful for navigation. The focusing layer, which enables navigation through everything and engagement with the material on the screen, is controlled by the user via the use of the AT. The usage of markups, such as headers and lists, provides the user with better control and navigational efficiency. The graphic is an example of the focus order that a reader may use when navigating through a user interface.

Digital Ability

The phrase "digital ability" refers to the abilities and mindsets of both persons and organizations in the digital age. When it comes to a person, digital capabilities are defined as the skills necessary to be successful in today's digital society. We must assess the degree that an institution's attitude and technology permit and drive digital behaviors at the organizational level in addition to individual skills

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