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Double Warning LED Safety Road Cone 41cm Height Folding Roadblock Charging

Double Warning LED Safety Road Cone 41cm Height Folding Roadblock Charging

SKU: 33051543325

Brand Name: Yemingduo
Size: M
LED Light style: 2835
Colour: Fluorescent orange
Specifications: 24.5cm*41cm
Light fastness: Waterproof and sunproof
Weight: 1.15KG
Endurance: 10 hours
Durable performance: Strong
Texture of material: Oxford Cloths
Controller: USB Charging
Product type: Traffic cone


LED Road Cone
Product introduction:

Luminescent Road Cone Color: Fluorescent Orange

LED Lamp: Red / Green / Blue / White / Yellow

Reflective material: high light reflective chemicalfabric

Power Controller: USB Charging

LED Road Cone can be retractable and folded, easy to carry, high light reflective, intelligent warning, double protection, outdoor work safety. Charging environmental protection, welcome customers to consult and order!


LED Road Cone
Description of functions

Luminescent road coneUsage: LED telescopic road cone is mainly suitable for outdoor work such as road traffic, road construction, vehicle travel, logistics transportation, catering distribution, construction miners, Airport subway, security patrol, site survey, marine transportation, disaster relief, etc.

Luminescent cone features: this product is refined, fine quality, not easy to fade, durable, easy to carry, easy to clean.

Luminescent road cones benefit: reflective road cones, which reflect distant direct light back to the light, LED road cones further upgrade, LED light, can be controlled at any time, LED light to improve the "bright spot" to play a better warning security role. Whether it is night or insufficient light, it has a good double warning performance.

LED Road Cone Value: In a sense, the application of smart warning safety products is a more proactive safety precaution, which is more safe than measures aimed at reducing damage after the accident, such as guardrail protection. value, More love for life.


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