iNTTN Mobile Phone Sales Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

April 2, 2019

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Apple iPhone Online Store HERE 

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Online Store 

Today, Indigenous National Technology & Telecom Network (iNTTN) launched its online store. The store offers mobile phone's from Apple iPhone and Samsung Android models at competitive prices.


Sustainable Development Goals 

iNTTN operates on a social business model where by proceeds from sales are generated back into the business to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in line with the United Nations "2030 Agenda". The ultimate goal of iNTTN being to help and contribute local communities address important issues like poverty, hunger, clean water, climate action and range of sustainable development goals.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (or the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the 17 Global Goals, the Global Goals or simply the Goals) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. The SDGs are part of Resolution 70/1 of the United Nations General Assembly: "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". That has been shortened to "2030 Agenda".


"At iNTTN we believe people today live in a really amazing time where the share economy and the age of technology advancement can deliver important changes in supply chains whereby not only can a customer receive goods and services at competitive prices but at the very same time that purchase can contribute to making a real difference to a communities and peoples lives". Says iNTTN CEO, Mr. Jade Miller.


Savings and Supply Chain 

In some instances customers will save up to 30% on an outright purchase of a mobile device and part of the proceeds of that purchase will than be committed to a Sustainable Development Goal. For example, iNTTN has helped a number of its corporate customers save on their purchase and than assisted their customers to design a Leadership Development program in their local communities. 


"We are helping an industry supply chain make a difference in very doable and smart way". Mr. Miller said.


Shipping National & International

The online store offers sales and shipping Nationally as well as Internationally with sales progressively growing month-to-month and customer support capability building the company will launch an advertising campaign in May, 2019 with the aim of boosting sales and by extension making more of a difference.


Make your purchase today! 

Apple iPhone Online Store HERE 

Samsung Android Online Store HERE 





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